What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film, or clear bra, is a self-healing film that protects many applied areas from rock ships, scratches, dents, stains or swirls caused by road debris, bug droppings, and other environmental elements. Paint protection film is an 8 mil, clear polyurethane film. This virtually invisible film will not alter the color or design elements of your vehicle.

Why should I have Clear Bra installed?

Next to a home, your vehicle is often the second largest investment you will make. Keeping your vehicle looking new and protecting it with a quality paint protection film from a company you can trust is important.

Will clear bra really stop rocks from chipping the car?

Yes. The material was originally designed to stop chips on rotor blades and airplane propellers. It is much easier for the product to protect your vehicle’s paint than a propeller moving at nearly the speed of sound.

What is the difference between the Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film?

This question is best answered by getting rid of the words “Coating” and “Film” and replacing them with “Liquid” and “Plastic Wrap”.

Ceramic coating is a liquid and is applied from a 50mL bottle onto the surface of a car. It can be applied to any surface, paint, plastic, rubber, glass, and fabrics. The liquid is smoothed, buffed, and eventually hardens into a shell over the surface. This hardened shell is approximately 100 times thinner than Paint Protection Film.

Paint Protection Film is a thick plastic wrap that can only be installed on painted surfaces. It cannot stick properly to plastics, rubber, glass, or fabrics. The clear plastic is so thick, that it becomes a sacrificial skin protecting paint from rock chips, scratches, swirls, and other forms of wear.

Do I need both Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating?

If rock chips and paint scratches are your primary concern, then PPF is the solution. 

If ease of cleaning, smooth feel, and shine are your primary concerns, then Ceramic Coating is the solution. 

Most new car owners desire both protection and ease of cleaning, hence the popularity of our combo packages.

What is the difference between a CeramicPro Bronze, Silver, or Gold Package?

When installing a ceramic coating, there are two products installed to achieve hardness and shine: 9H and Topcoat. 

9H is the permanently bonded hardened shell that provides the protection against swirls. Topcoat is a smooth, shiny coating that allows a vehicle’s owner to see and feel the impact of the coating.

The Bronze Package is a two year coating that’s the perfect introduction to ceramic coatings for a new car owner. The package includes one layer of Topcoat over the entire exterior of the vehicle. 

The Silver Package is a five year coating for the true enthusiast that wants thorough protection for the entire vehicle along with the elevated shine. The package includes one layer of 9H and then one layer of Topcoat.

The Gold Package is a lifetime coating for the collector or enthusiast that desires maximum protection of their investment. The package includes four layers of 9H, one layer of Topcoat, and an interior 9H treatment to match.

Which product is installed first: Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film?

The Paint Protection Film is installed first, and then topped off with the Ceramic Coating.

Can paint protection film be installed on a vehicle with existing ceramic coating?

Yes, but please let us know if your car has an existing coating.

Is CeramicPro the best brand of coating?

Detailing technicians at AP3 have experience installing Cquartz, Opticoat, Gtechniq, and Gyeon Quartz coatings. We would like to emphasize that the brand of ceramic coating is infinitely less important than the company installing it. Proper prep work and application methods are crucial for getting the best coating. That being said, we find CeramicPro coatings to have the most luster, durability, robust installer network, and responsive warranty system.

Does the ceramic coating need time to “cure” after I pick up my vehicle?

Yes, the coating reaches maximum hardness three weeks after installation. We use IR lamps to speed up the curing process, but you still have to keep a careful eye on the vehicle for the first few days. Bird bombs, tree sap, road tar, or any major dirt must be washed and dried off as soon as possible.

Can Ceramic Coating be removed?

CeramicPro can be removed in as little as two hours by any certified installer using a simple light polish and CeramicPro Primer.

Can I still wax my car after a ceramic coating or paint protection film is installed?

After ceramic coating is installed, it is no longer necessary to wax the exterior.

After paint protection film is installed, it can be waxed. However, we recommend having a ceramic coating installed over the paint protection film instead.

How do I maintain my ceramic coating?

Before ceramic coatings were introduced to mass market, car cleaning was a major chore. The cleaning process is simple with a coated vehicle. Often times between washes, you can simply spray the car down and wipe it dry with a product like Optimum No Rinse. AP3 recommends washing your vehicle with a microfiber mitt and silica soap once every 4 weeks.

Can a cleaning product damage my ceramic coating and which products are best to use?

A ceramic coating is similar to glass and can be cleaned with almost any product. Normal cleaning chemicals will not damage the coating, but AP3 recommends using silica wash soaps and cleaners. These products are available for sale on our website: AP3ATL.com

What is the Warranty on Paint Protection Films?

XPEL offers a 10 Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase, while most of the traditional Paint Protection Films offer a 5 – 7 year warranty. The manufacturer's warranty includes coverage against defects, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. The warranty is valid only if the film is installed by a Certified Installer.

What areas can I install Paint Protection Film over?

Paint Protection Film can be professionally installed on any areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage to protect your vehicles finish from scratches, chips, stains and other damaging elements. You can protect rocker panels from stones and debris kicked up by tires; hoods, bumpers and mirror backs from flying debris (gravel, bug acids and tar); door handle cups and door edges from rings, keys, belt buckles and purses; or full hoods, trunks and roofs from bird droppings and tree sap.

How is Clear Bra installed?

The highest quality of automobile protection begins with a perfect installation. A plotter is used to cut patterns to the individual car, based on XPELs Design Access Program (DAP) Software. This software allows us to offer our customers the most customizable and precise coverage in the industry. The vehicle is prepped (detailed) before any film is applied. The Paint Protection Film is then installed on the vehicle using an alcohol based solution.

Can I install Paint Protection Film myself?

We strongly recommend that Paint Protection Film be installed by a Certified Installer. They have the training and experience to make sure you receive an installation that fits perfectly to your vehicle. In addition, the warranty is valid only if the film is installed by a Certified Installer.